Cage Culture is a blog dedicated to the sport of MMA, with some periodic commentary on pro-wrestling (since the different worlds are closer than some realize). Content will include analyses, predictions, and opinion pieces surrounding the sport. Last but not least, exclusive interviews with MMA athletes and pro-wrestlers can also be found here.

Bobby Hristova, the founder of this blog, has always had a passion for pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts. Although he was a devout fan of pro-wrestling for years, he became fixated to MMA after watching Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar fight for a UFC contract.

He has trained MMA with Patenaude Martial Arts, in addition to, Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense System), Muay Thai, and Judo at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

Hristova studies journalism and psychology at the University of Toronto and operates another blog, Terms and Conditions.


2017 fight prediction record (correct – incorrect): 16-9

@bobby_hri on Twitter